Blog Post 22nd April 2020


Many of you will know what I mean when I mention the word “meditation”, but you may all have a different experience or understanding of it.

I wanted to share my experiences and some of my learning around this, as over the past few years I have come to love meditation and the fascinating journey it has taken me on.

I’ve been a clinical hypnotherapist for almost four years, and hypnotherapy has served as a gateway for me to explore meditation on a number of levels.  Hypnosis is a very similar state to that of being in meditation, you have a heightened state of focus, often on someone’s voice or a symbol or thought, which encourages your cognitive or thinking brain to relax and allows your unconscious mind to take the lead.

The benefits of meditation have been the subject of a wide range or research in recent years, with scientist attempting to discover how it improves mental and physical wellbeing.  Researchers have found a number of differences in the brains of people who meditate regularly and those who don’t.  There have also been studies which suggest meditation plays a role in changing us on a  genetic level, therefore influencing our predisposition to develop (or not develop) disease. 

My own experience of meditation as a healing tool started about three years ago when I needed investigation into a physical condition causing abdominal pain.  I was being investigated to rule out ovarian cancer. I had a slightly raised blood level on the CA-125 test and the doctor ordered a scan. She didn’t feel it was urgent, and there was a bit of a wait, but I was ok with that. 

I had the scan and my ovaries looked nice and healthy.  However, at the scan my womb showed thickening of the lining, and there was a concern that this could also be cancerous, so it was more investigations for me. 

In the wait for more tests I decided that I was not going to have cancer, that I hadn’t got time to be ill and so I wanted to do something about it. (I don’t mean to sound flippant, and Im aware that many many people unfortunately do experience cancer, and they aren’t as fortunate as I was at this time.)  That week a lovely coach told me about a healing meditation and she suggested that it might help, at least with my ability to relax.  The meditation was just short, 15 minutes, and was specific for self-healing .. and I loved it. I also explored further self-healing guided meditations and used a range of these on a daily basis.   They kept me focused and helped me calm the anxieties I had around my health at the very least.  The magic thing was that when I got my results – everything was fine!! Now I cant say whether the meditation physically healed me, because no one knows whether there was anything wrong .. but I like to believe it played a really important role in my good health.

I meditated regularly after that and Im so glad I did.

I had another health scare a year later with something very different.  This time It included dizziness and tinnitus and extreme anxiety.  Being a therapist and experiencing severe anxiety yourself is problematic. How can you help your clients if you aren’t ok yourself? It rendered me unable to work for weeks.  I turned once again to meditation and gratitude. And once again Im certain that it helped me physically as well as emotionally.

Then last year I discovered the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, an American author, scientist and speaker (among other titles) who takes meditation to another level. He delivers a range of workshops and retreats where his students learn to meditate in a particular style. He matches the art of meditation with quantum science to explain how, when you are in a meditative state, your brain waves are working to a particular frequency.. and in that state you are able to influence the world and your physical self.

Dr Joe teaches that you can use meditation to attract situations into your life that you want or desire, because we enter the quantum or unified field when we are in this meditative state, where infinite possibilities exist.  There are countless stories of how people have focused on things they wanted to attract into their lives, such as health, opportunities or relationships, and that shortly after their meditative practices those things showed up in their lives.

There will be some of you who feel that this is the stuff of fairy-tales, but let me tell you in no uncertain terms, without meditation my life would not be the way it is now.  I am enriched with opportunity, friendship, good health and many other things. I would not be where I am today without it.

This is really just the beginning for me in terms of exploring meditation.  Before Covid-19 I had started to lead a meditation group, enabling me to develop my own delivery style, incorporating some of the styles I identify with.  I am currently working on developing an online meditation group and so would invite you to follow with interest if that is something you might want to explore.

I’ll finish with saying that I continue to meditate regularly, particularly focusing on healing, immune response and also to put out good intention and healing to others and for the world in general. Lets face it, we all need something to help us feel good at the moment, and meditation can help you achieve that.

Wishing you all safety and good health – Suzanne

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